After much discussion, we've decided to end the Colophon adventure.

We have neither the time nor the resources to surpass what we already made together under this name.

Many thanks to all partners, speakers and attendees from our various publications and events.

Colophon will be archived while we prepare our next creations.

Meantine, future collaborations will continue under the magCulture banner.

With love,
Mike, Jeremy and Andrew

Colophon 2012

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UK, English language, Quarterly

Since its inception in 1998, Tank has become synonymous with publishing originality.
An incubator for ideas in photography, literature, art, politics, design and fashion,
Tank is a forum for creative inventiveness. Features across a wide range of practices
and disciplines are informed by rigour and integrity.

2nd Floor Princess House 50-60 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8EA -

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  • Category: Fashion, Photography
  • Format: 230 x 300 mm
  • Price: £ 5

Within its first year, Tank achieved a major international following and an unprecedented sell-out success. Its format has gone on to influence a generation of magazines, including some in mainstream publishing.

Taking the very best work from the first eleven issues, most of which is now unobtainable, this book is a rich resource of the freshest talents and most innovative visual ideas.

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Exclusive Interview

Tank Magazine

What is your magazine about?
Tank's motto is Elitism For All, and we produce content for intelligent people who are clued up on art, architecture, and politics but who also love a bit of frivolous eye-candy and fun fashion. We work with unknown and the well known creatives across many disciplines and aim to publish the best quality of writing and topical coverage of any independent fashion magazine.

Who’s behind the project? Tell us about the founders, their backgrounds and their motivations!
Iranian-born Masoud Golsorkhi studied photography at the University of Westminster in London before working as a fashion photographer for such publications as Interview, Jalouse, Vogue Gioello and Harpers & Queen. German-born Andreas Laeufer studied communication design in Constanz, Germany. He worked as an art director for advertising agencies in Germany and Switzerland before becoming a freelance art director for such fashion companies as Hugo Boss and Joop!. After moving to London he met Masoud, and they launched Tank magazine in 1998 and sparked the "bookzine" magazine publishing trend.

How do you produce one issue? How much time do you spend on it? How big is your team?
Tank magazine is quarterly and works with a small team.

What have been the important steps in the life of your magazine?
Turning ten years old in 2008!

Which are the key ingredients for the success of your magazine?
The success of maintaining the magazine's loyal readership can be seen in the mix of topics in the winter 2008 issue of Tank - a fashion shoot with American actress Kate Bosworth, an interview with Hamid Dabashi on the election of Obama, profiles on young designers Rodarte and Ohne Titel and a chat with NYT Architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff.

What are the difficulties you are confronted with? What would be “the” thing to help the magazine to improve?
Independent publishing is always challenged by the big group marketing budgets and fighting for shelf space - luckily with the age of internet, your readers can find you around the world more easily!

Where do you want the magazine to be in five years?
Continuing to cater to smart readers who love fashion.

Tell us about your audience! Who are the readers of your magazine?
Someone who is interested in politics and architecture, as much as in what the latest shoe from YSL next season will be!

Is remaining independent important to you? Is it part of the strategy?
Being independent always has pros and cons - but it's nice not to have suits telling us what to do!

What’s your relationship with advertisement? Does it influence your content? Do you care about advertising-driven-editorials?
As most Tank readers know, we do not rely on advertising. We are lucky to work with a few brands who are like-minded and are interested in supporting a magazine that is more than just about fashion.

What do you think of your issue 01, when you look back at it?
It remains one of our best issues!

Magazine favorite(s) that inspired you in your career.
Nova, Andy Warhol's Interview, Vanity Fair, The Face.

Do you keep old copies of magazines? If so, what is your favorite in your collection?
We have loads of old magazines - love the Liz Tilberis Harpers Bazaar issues!

How many magazines do you buy / get / read each month? Do you qualify yourself a maniac?
We are big print fans and read magazines across a range of disciplines!!

We are compiling answers from some of the most innovative magazine makers around the world today. Who else should we ask?
Good Magazine.

Answered by Caroline Issa (Publisher) Magazine: Tank Magazine Email: