After much discussion, we've decided to end the Colophon adventure.

We have neither the time nor the resources to surpass what we already made together under this name.

Many thanks to all partners, speakers and attendees from our various publications and events.

Colophon will be archived while we prepare our next creations.

Meantine, future collaborations will continue under the magCulture banner.

With love,
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Uruguay, English language, Every two months since 2006

Revolutionart is an international magazine edited in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of the graphics arts.

It's a revolutionary platform, a massive propaganda to communicate messages and make the people think about them.

The objective of Revolutionart is the one to serve as a inspirational source to artists, models, advertisers, photographers, designers and communicators in general who wish to explore new alternatives of expression through graphical samples of design, photo, ads, and general arts.

Av. 18 de Julio 1866 apt 501, 10000 -

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  • Category: Art, Graphic Design, Visual Art

Founded in 2006

Founded in 2006 bye Nelson Medina and published by , the main community of advertisement for Iberoamerica. It has covered all the world with the convocatory to many interesting issues like: message to the world, nature, industrial, retropop, planet earth ...

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Exclusive Interview


What is your magazine about?
Revolutionart is a magazine against the fascism of art. An innovative publication about world tendences of graphic design, photography, modeling, advertising, independent films and art.

Who’s behind the project? Tell us about the founders, their backgrounds and their motivations!
Nelson Medina started this project. The Boyz of the revolution support the development. He has been working in advertising and corporate design for several companies and traveled around the world searching MORE inspiration. This magazine it's the result of that search. He is the creative director of one of the main advertising communities for latinamerica called . Revolutionart is a publication of that brand. He likes rock music, italian food, and cold places. Maybe you have a question, like to contract him, or like to write just to say hello. You can contact him at

How do you produce one issue? How much time do you spend on it? How big is your team?
All the magazine are published by , edited by Nelson Medina , and created by many designers and contributors around the world. Is a collective result. Revolutionart is published every two months. The deadline is 15 days before the publication and is the time we need to develop a new edition. The time before is used to coolhunting.

What have been the important steps in the life of your magazine?
The creation, the development, the spread of Revolutionart around the world.

Which are the key ingredients for the success of your magazine?
Looking for social changes, and involving themes. Is not a magazine made by curators, but by people toughts.

What are the difficulties you are confronted with? What would be “the” thing to help the magazine to improve?
We need more hands to develope more sections. We need outstanding coolhunters.

Where do you want the magazine to be in five years?
In mars, the moon, and our logo in satellites.

Tell us about your audience! Who are the readers of your magazine?
Innovative and creative people, artists from all around the world, creative directors, agencies of design and advertisement, students of art, teachers from institutes and universities.

Is remaining independent important to you? Is it part of the strategy?
No. It does not matters.

What’s your relationship with advertisement? Does it influence your content? Do you care about advertising-driven-editorials?
We prefer clientes with design related products. We make a strong difference for them. We are not influenced by advertising.

What do you think of your issue 01, when you look back at it?
It sucks... But was a great start!

Magazine favorite(s) that inspired you in your career.
Thrasher, Rip, Maxim, Vogue.

Do you keep old copies of magazines? If so, what is your favorite in your collection?
Yes. Heavy metal and skate magazines are the best of the collection.

How many magazines do you buy / get / read each month? Do you qualify yourself a maniac?
Not enough time to read another magazines.

We are compiling answers from some of the most innovative magazine makers around the world today. Who else should we ask?

Answered by Nelson Medina (Creative Director) Email: Date: 28-10-2008