After much discussion, we've decided to end the Colophon adventure.

We have neither the time nor the resources to surpass what we already made together under this name.

Many thanks to all partners, speakers and attendees from our various publications and events.

Colophon will be archived while we prepare our next creations.

Meantine, future collaborations will continue under the magCulture banner.

With love,
Mike, Jeremy and Andrew

Colophon 2012

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Australia, English language, Quarterly since 2008

Harvest is a Melbourne-based literary magazine for writers and readers, showcasing a tantalising mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art from Australia and the rest of the world. Our word limits are generous and we believe aesthetics are as important as the content. We're about cross-pollinating between writing, art and design, printing locally and being kind to the environment.

PO Box 1115, Brighton Road LPO, Elwood, 3184 -

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  • Category: Literature, Poetry
  • Format: 210 x 250 mm
  • Circulation: 1,000
  • Price: AU$ 15

Founded in 2008

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