After much discussion, we've decided to end the Colophon adventure.

We have neither the time nor the resources to surpass what we already made together under this name.

Many thanks to all partners, speakers and attendees from our various publications and events.

Colophon will be archived while we prepare our next creations.

Meantine, future collaborations will continue under the magCulture banner.

With love,
Mike, Jeremy and Andrew

Colophon 2012

freier4 freier1 freier3 freier2


Germany, German/English text supply language, Monthly (11 x / year)

Freier is an adjective.
It is out of the dictionary.
Itís really simple.
In french it means "to go out with someone", in german "get off my
back, maybe next time" or also " donít panic, we've already got you".
In romanian it means "Sure!," and so on.

An international word.

Prinzenallee 83, 13357 -

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  • Category: Art
  • Format: 195 x 260 mm
  • Price: 7 Ä

The magazine freier, a magazine for states of mind,
was edited and published by Simone Gilges from 2003 - 05
and realised with contributions from various participants,
mostly friends as members of the artist group
Honey-Suckle Company and musicians from Berlin.
From the beginning freier was conceived in four thematic issues that should be collected and put together as a book.
The magazine and its selfmade philosophy were meant as a statement
against the deluge of cheap and fast contemporary consumption. By
disclaiming commercial profit freier could afford independance and was
able to work to a self determined objective, whilst remaining
inherently a subjective entity.

The first part of the collectorís edition (1-4) is completed and a
limited second edition of the magazines in a box with english text supply
replaces the sold out first issues.

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