Dear everyone

As you may have heard, right now there's a slight shortage of available money. In particular for governments and advertisers.

And so, despite heroic efforts to find the amount we need to make it happen, we've had to face the inevitable, and postpone the Colophon2011 Independent Magazine Biennale.

But we don't get discouraged that easily. Instead, we're refocusing our efforts and keep Colophon doing what it does best - supporting independent magazines and their creators - through a series of other initiatives.

Mini Colophon is on the move

Firstly, over the past two years we've run successful mini Colophon events in London, New York and Amsterdam. These will continue, featuring panel discussions, speakers, and local- based exhibitions/magazine

marketplaces where we can arrange it, to encourage discussion and support surrounding the future of independent magazines, both in print and on digital. We're also planning to have a Colophon presence at existing design/publishing events around the world. If you're interested in working with us to create/host a Colophon event, get in touch.

A new Colo-web is being spun

Secondly, the Colophon website will be relaunched soon with a new design, including an updated, streamlined database of independent magazines, open and free as always. We just can't stop sharing the love. If you haven't already added your magazine, do so here. More news about the website soon - sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already. We'll also be updating our Facebook page more regularly too. Not our friend? It's not too late.

Give us a hang

Thirdly, the We Make Magazines exhibition is still available to tour. Featuring more than 100 unique publications, displayed in a unique way that allows visitors to flick through their pages, it's an awesome display of graphic design and storytelling bravado. The entire exhibition is already packaged up and ready to send - drop us a line if you'd like to feature it in your gallery.

Finally, stay in touch. We love hearing from you. We may not be running another huge all-weekend, all-love, all-magazine festival next year, but we continue to fight the good fight, doing all we can to continue to encourage and support independent magazines, in all their forms, across the planet. And we look forward to meeting you (again?) at one of our forthcoming mini Colophon events as we hit the road and spread the word.

Mike, Jeremy and Andrew.